Liberty Mutual Commercial Insurance: B2B Small Biz Profiles

On its own, commercial insurance may not be the most interesting subject out there, especially when you move beyond the emotionally rich territory of small business owners. But for this content series, we took that as a challenge: to find the pulse within these large businesses, and to tell the broader story of these great brands’ values through the folks who are the their daily ambassadors. The delivery men. The bog farmers. The machinists.

The first video in this series profiles Tom Fowler, who navigates the winding, weather-ravaged backroads of Ketchikan, Alaska as a UPS driver.

This next video tells the unique co-op/collective story of Ocean Spray through a day in the life of the Beaton family, local farmers here in MA, before we then followed the cranberries all the way through the processing plant in rural PA.

And finally, this third video tells the made-in-America story of New Balance through the perspective of the factory workers at the brand’s Skowhegan, ME factory.

Role: Lead creative/copywriter

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