PUMA: After Hours Athlete Content Program

An underground ping pong club in Moscow. A bar-hopping scene in Paris centering around the city’s finest pinball machines. A shopping-cart iditarod in Portland. A warehouse live music community in Berlin. A crew of world-class graffiti artists in San Paolo. A winner-take-all bike polo tournament in NYC….

To extend the world of PUMA’s After Hours Athlete platform, we developed a comprehensive, world-spanning content program from the ground up in less than a month. Tapping into local writers, photographers and creators in nearly 30 countries, we created dozens of pieces of eye-level dispatches that shone a light on a side of these cities that the average tourist would never encounter. Gritty, real, authentic, and a ton of fun.

To cap off the program, we traveled to Paris and Barcelona to follow a group of parkour artists and a merry band of fixed gear cyclists, respectively, as part of a stand-alone content series within the AHA world, “This Is My Night”…..

Role: Lead Content Strategist/Creative

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