Dunkin’: LTO Pre-Roll Program

Tired of repurposing the same 15-second LTO (limited-time offering) videos from broadcast, Dunkin’ challenged us to bring forth a repeatable model for creating quick-turn custom pre-roll creative at a fraction of the cost of their traditional production shoots.

To do so, we created a series of surreal scripts that flipped the model of what was currently in the market — beautiful, lifestyle moments that Dunkin’ products helped fuel or support — to favor admittedly absurd scenarios that hinged entirely on the existence of Dunkin’ products.

We wrote these being mindful of budget constraints, isolating scenes to single locations in many cases and shooting in a matter of hours vs. multiple days, and we had a local improv group work as the talent.

An eggs benedict-obsessed man who finds salvation in a breakfast sandwich with hollandaise. A father who stares lecherously at his son’s ice cream cone before finding solace in an ice cream-flavored coffee. The more absurd, the better, and these pre-roll videos significantly outperformed the more polished, upscale repurposed broadcast when we tested the two against each other.

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