The Responsibility Project (RP)

What began as a simple extension of a popular TV spot became one of the very first, and most enduring, branded content platforms in our industry. Aligning Liberty Mutual’s core brand value, responsibility, with many of the salient topics happening in modern society, The Responsibility Project (RP) featured hundreds of original pieces of content including daily blog posts, essays and long-form articles from contributors including journalists from The New Yorker and Wall Street Journal, and short and longer-form documentary and narrative films from Oscar- and Emmy-award winning directors.

Along the way, this hard-working content platform became the brand’s most efficient cost-per-quote channel, which is crazy to think about given that (like any good content program) we were focusing on resonant topics within contemporary society vs. products and services.

From a globe-spanning series of films documenting Olympic hopefuls helmed by Oscar-winner Lucy Walker to a series of heartwarming small business profiles like the ones below (which afforded me the opportunity to eat at Franklin Barbecue and die happy), RP is a program that remains near and dear to my heart.

In addition to the business-building metrics, RP also won a Webby Award for Best Insurance website, while many of the individual pieces of content went on to win awards of culture in their own right, including festival showings at SXSW Film (see Home Team entry), AFI Docs, and others.

Role: Lead Creative/Lead Content Strategist

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