Dunkin’: Summer Soundtrack Program

In order to reach a millennial audience with a passionate love of emerging music genres, we needed to strengthen the brand’s equity within the music space. 

How? By co-opting the existing behavior of afternoon coffee and lunch breaks and partnering with Spotify to provide a series of one-of-a-kind live concerts in handful of major markets throughout the country. The content from these concerts would provide the fuel for social distribution and reaching true scale to our audience, so that whether in front of their computers or browsing Spotify on their phones, they would get a dose of Dunkin’ – all summer long.

By utilizing a range of brand social channels – and tapping into the passionate following of Spotify’s social audiences – we were able to bring true scale to on-the-ground activations, providing an entire suite of touchpoints to bring our audience closer to the Dunkin’ brand.

Role: Lead Content Strategist

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