Frontier Communications: Content Program

Providing helpful information and utility is table stakes in the telecommunications category. And although most of Frontier’s direct competitors were dabbling in editorial content platforms, the landscape resembled a one-size-fits all collection of keyword-stuffed content and stock photos.

While the category was going shallow, we recognized an opportunity to provide thorough analysis and perspective around core topics adjacent to Frontier’s products and services, and to contextualize them around specific lifestyles and life stages — truly maximizing the relevance of this content to prospects and customers alike.

Anchored in the three primary categories of Home, Tech, and Entertainment, the Frontier content platform launched in the summer of 2019, featuring in-depth reporting and analysis from a bullpen of established tech and entertainment writers.

Inputs to our content strategy included: thorough competitive and category whitespace audit, search and SEO audit, an original qualitative study around content consumption and topic areas of interest, 18-month milestone and roadmap document, editorial calendar, and a comprehensive editorial playbook.

Role: Lead Content Strategy

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