John Hancock: Life Stage 101 Content Program

Recognizing the importance of exposing new audience profiles to the John Hancock brand, we used life-stage targeting to identify three new cohorts – young professionals, new families, and pre-retirement individuals — we believed would be receptive to working with a financial advisor. With these targets in mind, we developed a program of financial-wellness content that Financial Advisor’s (FA’s) could use to address these life stages, optimizing and A/B testing our messages at every step of the way. By addressing common financial-related questions and concerns specific to these audiences, this program helped trigger the process of reaching out to FA’s, while also providing resources for FA’s to share with their prospects. This program included: 

  • Comprehensive A/B testing and optimization of dozens of paid social posts across Facebook and Instagram
  • Dozens of short-form text articles w/images, four for each of our identified targeted life stages.
  • Co-created short-form, long-form, infographic and video content for FA’s with media publishers including Forbes, Wall Street Journal and TIME Inc.
  • FA- and independent RIA-direct messaging via trade publications and CNBC
Example Original Article Content

The launch of the targeted financial wellness content proved to be a great resource for our various audiences. In fact, they read this content for 235% longer than previous JH content and came back 87% more than during our previous campaign. We were also able to optimize our content messaging within the campaign and achieve an 86% improved efficiency in cost-per-second read, essentially a composite measure of engagement alongside CPV.

Role: Lead Content Strategist/Copywriter

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